During the shipping process the calibration of the thermostat can come out of adjustment. So, when you receive your new incubator it is imperative that you calibrate the thermostat. It is easy and can be done in a few simple steps.

1. After unboxing allow the incubator to stand for at least 1 hour before plugging it in to the electric outlet.
2. Plug in the incubator and set your desired temperature.
3. Place the thermometer on the second shelf down.
4. Close the door and allow the incubator to stabilize and come up to temperature for 4 hours.
5. Check the temperature of the accurate thermometer and note how this compares to the chamber display temperature (right).
6. For instance if your thermometer reads 87°F and the left chamber display temp reads 89°F, you will need to adjust the calibration -2°F.

Entering calibration mode

7. Hold down the up and down adjustment for 3 seconds.
8. The left number will flash "0" from the factory.

Adjusting calibration

9. While the "0" is flashing on the left, push either the up or the down arrow to adjust the calibration.
10. In our example we would adjust down until -2°F is displayed. This will adjust the themerature of the thermostat down by 2°F to accuratly calibrate it.
11. After you have completed calibration it is good practice to perform all of these steps again to ensure you have your incubator completely accurate.

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